No Stingy People On AltMall

Now that the holidays have become a distant memory, January- with her long, long days and slow nights, will change your motivation and how you consume. 

When we think about the specific ways January has changed things for those who didn’t really plan for it, we now know why one in four people have become ID card bearing members of the Stingy Men/Women Association of Nigeria.

Stingy Men Association ID Card Template

Many things have and will change in 2021, but there’s no changing the fact that January is the longest month, ever! Some say this is bound to happen because their last pay-day was a whole moon ago. Others say that as much as we are basking in the euphoria of a new year, January’s‘ brokeness' is inevitable. 

Whatever side of the table you’re on, you don’t need any other identity except ours. We are proud partners and there are many ways we can support you with your personal, travel, automobile, power, home, and equipment needs while you work through the money month. 

Long story short, We understand that you might not have plenty cash for squander after all the merriment but there's no need to be stingy to yourself when you have us as partners.

If you need to buy anything this January, instead of spending more by paying in full, simply buy on AltMall and pay conveniently and flexibly with zero interest and zero worries.

Use what we have and save yours for the remaining days.

We Pin. 😉