SWAY-AG aims at providing financing of up to N20 million for interested individuals in the Agriculture industry with a 9% markup only from now till 2023. 

This is focused on Agricultural businesses involved in crop and livestock production, processing, sales and distribution, equipment purchase, packaging, storage, or distribution.   

Members of Farmer’s cooperative societies, SME’s or businesses involved in small-scale farming are eligible for financing.

  • Open account with STERLING ALTERNATIVE FINANCE (Passport photo, N1500 cash deposit, customer enrolment form)  
  • A request for the Facility.  
  • Provision of equity contribution.  
  • Economics of Production (EOP) per each crop/livestock.
  • Confirmed invoice in case of asset purchase (livestock, feed, input, etc)  
  • Certificate of registration of cooperative where applicable.  
  • Copy of executed MOU  
  • Letter of non- indebtedness to other banks (where applicable)