Alternative Corporate Account

With just N10,000.00 deposit, you could enjoy zero COT, no maintenance charges, access to zero interest financing, use of cheque books, AltPro (mobile banking), Internet banking and availability of POS.

Open Account

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  • Board/Company resolution on company letter head with company seal duly fixed.
  • Two satisfactory references
  • One recent passport photograph of the signatories
  • CERPAC-Combined Expatriate Residence permit and Alien card (West African Nationals excluded)
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certified true copy of Form CO2
  • Certified true copy of Memorandum and articles of Association
  • Certified true copy of corporate Affairs Commission form (CO7)
  • Certificate of exemption from using ‘Limited’ after name (where applicable)
  • Authority to debit account for cost of company search.
  • Letter of set off
  • Search report
  • Tax identification number.

For Pharmaceutical companies and other professional inclined institutions/businesses, additional documentation listed below will be required

  • Certificate of Membership of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria/the concerned professional body.
  • Retention of premises certificate (where applicable)
  • Annual license to practice (this should be updated annually).