Aren’t You Tired Of Surge?

Last Friday, after a long week of “Thank You and Warm Regards”, I decided that I needed to take some time off to explore the exciting streets of Lagos and catch up with my guys before heading down to my bestie’s crib to watch the big game.

This relaxation was needed, and it was long overdue. As we all know, but hardly practice, “body no be firewood.” So here I was, gave my friends a call to get their location, and opened my cab request app to book a ride for the journey ahead. On opening Orber, I found that there was a surge, and prices were 1.3x the normal price. I immediately switched to Tacify only to find that the price on this app was about N800 higher than what I saw on Orber

As a sharp guy, I quickly initiated a request on Orberonly to discover that the price had further risen. I had no choice at that point, so I placed the request and waited forever to be honored and wallowed in pain because the big game had already begun.

On my way to my bestie’s house, I thought “what alternative do I have to this great inconvenience?’’ and before the thought formed fully in my head, I recalled AltDrive from an ad I saw on Instagram the day before. I quickly reached out to the AltDrive team and now I’m eyeing one Toyota Corolla 2004 model.

Once I fulfill all requirements, I never have to worry about surge anymore!

If you are tired of surges, too, just visit or give AltDrive a call on 01-7000555 and let’s leave this surge thing together.

You are doing well!


We recognize how easy it is to get lost in the frenzy of your daily activities.

However, we need to remind you that you have gone past the 43rd-day mark in the year 2021.

This includes a January that seemed like half of the year itself.

It would be great to take a pause and appreciate the efforts you’ve put into the early days of the year.

Ensure you take time to appreciate the small wins as this is essential for growth and gives us the strength to go further and accomplish more.

We are also not leaving ourselves out as we celebrate the little wins that included launching our first AltMall campaign of the year and ensuring that you, our partner, can own a car at the least possible cost with our reduced markup on AltDrive.

Cheers to more wins, Dear Partner.

You are doing well.

From all of us @ Alternative Finance. 

Creating Lasting Memories

“Memories don’t leave like people do”

“Pictures are more like memories and less like the people in it”

These sayings are interwoven and they show a great deal of how we should always create memories and save them with pictures, so fun times are never lost even when people leave.

For a while now, we haven’t had the usual face to face interactions with colleagues.

Here’s a simple way to retain the bond with colleagues for a lifetime - archiving them in pictures!

So, depending on when we finally bid the virus goodbye, create memories by having bonding sessions with people in your unit via Microsoft teams and make sure to save them with a virtual group photo.

Let’s go make memories today!

Your Partner,

Sterling Alternative Finance.

No Stingy People On AltMall

Now that the holidays have become a distant memory, January- with her long, long days and slow nights, will change your motivation and how you consume. 

When we think about the specific ways January has changed things for those who didn’t really plan for it, we now know why one in four people have become ID card bearing members of the Stingy Men/Women Association of Nigeria.

Stingy Men Association ID Card Template

Many things have and will change in 2021, but there’s no changing the fact that January is the longest month, ever! Some say this is bound to happen because their last pay-day was a whole moon ago. Others say that as much as we are basking in the euphoria of a new year, January’s‘ brokeness' is inevitable. 

Whatever side of the table you’re on, you don’t need any other identity except ours. We are proud partners and there are many ways we can support you with your personal, travel, automobile, power, home, and equipment needs while you work through the money month. 

Long story short, We understand that you might not have plenty cash for squander after all the merriment but there's no need to be stingy to yourself when you have us as partners.

If you need to buy anything this January, instead of spending more by paying in full, simply buy on AltMall and pay conveniently and flexibly with zero interest and zero worries.

Use what we have and save yours for the remaining days.

We Pin. 😉