Alternative Asset Finance

Lease finance (ijarah contract) allows customers to enjoy the use of an asset and pay rentals in installments while conserving their capital for other ventures for up to 48 months. We finance assets such as cars, household equipment, machinery and even homes for Alternative Asset Finance transactional account holders.

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  • Completed Application form
  • Evidence of employment with reputable organization
  • Pay slips for 6 months
  • Details of borrowings with other banks
  • Domiciliation of salary with Sterling Bank



  • Profile of individuals and details of business transactions and experience in the line of business
  • 12 months statement of account from existing bankers
  • Details of borrowings with other banks and security
  • Structure of existing business and track record in the line of business
  • Management and company profile
  • 12 months statement of accounts from existing bankers
  • Audited financial statement for 3 years and latest management account