Aren’t You Tired Of Surge?

Last Friday, after a long week of “Thank You and Warm Regards”, I decided that I needed to take some time off to explore the exciting streets of Lagos and catch up with my guys before heading down to my bestie’s crib to watch the big game.

This relaxation was needed, and it was long overdue. As we all know, but hardly practice, “body no be firewood.” So here I was, gave my friends a call to get their location, and opened my cab request app to book a ride for the journey ahead. On opening Orber, I found that there was a surge, and prices were 1.3x the normal price. I immediately switched to Tacify only to find that the price on this app was about N800 higher than what I saw on Orber

As a sharp guy, I quickly initiated a request on Orberonly to discover that the price had further risen. I had no choice at that point, so I placed the request and waited forever to be honored and wallowed in pain because the big game had already begun.

On my way to my bestie’s house, I thought “what alternative do I have to this great inconvenience?’’ and before the thought formed fully in my head, I recalled AltDrive from an ad I saw on Instagram the day before. I quickly reached out to the AltDrive team and now I’m eyeing one Toyota Corolla 2004 model.

Once I fulfill all requirements, I never have to worry about surge anymore!

If you are tired of surges, too, just visit or give AltDrive a call on 01-7000555 and let’s leave this surge thing together.