Urbanization has created an incidence of population explosion in urban centers. This has created severe housing problems, resulting in overcrowding and inadequate/unplanned dwellings; a situation which has left over 60% of Nigerians ‘homeless’.

Research has confirmed the profound inadequacies in the housing circumstances of Nigerians.

Furthermore, the housing circumstances of low-income earners, who incidentally constitute a clear majority of the population in Nigeria, have not shown any significant improvement over the years.
Conceptualize and design an affordable, eco-friendly, efficient and purpose-built residential community in Lagos, Nigeria that seeks to create a utopian living experience for its residents.
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Our Utopian Community

We desire a modern efficient, very affordable housing inspired by the African culture of tolerance, co-existence, and communal living, reflecting our architectural heritage with empathy on the natural environment.

The community must seek to improve the quality of life of the urban population as well as assist in reversing the harmful cases of urban migration that leads to poverty.

It is expected that the community will challenge conventional wisdom and seek a more efficient, affordable, traditional and aesthetic solution to each component of modern living.


A clean, green and sustainable community that seeks to improve the quality of urban living or slow down negative impact of urbanization.


An affordable and budget-friendly community that reduces the cost of living of its members who are expected to be of mixed-income class.


A family-oriented community that engenders togetherness, peaceful co-existence and spirit of brotherliness amongst other values.


Simple, compact, purpose-built accommodation that meets the basic needs of shelter and security.

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